Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 20 November 2015

Sun and Fun in Santa Monica on a Warm Fall Day

Aerial photo from our private tour helicopter of the Santa Monica Pier

Private Tour Flies Over Then Drives Back

to the Santa Monica Pier

The private Los Angeles tour guests enjoying a good look at the city’s coastline on our luxury helicopter were amazed that so many people were out on the beach and the Santa Monica Pier for this fine autumn day.  Los Angeles life is something so many of our guests are curious about.  We fly over the city and beaches and point to all the outdoor escapes the population enjoys all through the year: hiking, fishing, surfing, horseback riding, off road activities.  The nearby mountains have enough snow for skiing and snowboarding when the winter arrives with enough precipitation and cold temperatures at higher elevations.  Los Angeles, an important financial and industrial metropolis, the movie capital, is also a fitness and outdoor recreation mecca.  We even offer our guests hiking and fitness tours to combine sightseeing with physical activity (hiking, horseback riding, surfing lessons, bicycling, inline skating, Segways, skeet shooting, iFly – whatever they think of we arrange).  As for our guests seeing the crowds at the pier we double back after the aerial tour and visit it with them so they can enjoy all the fun, too.

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