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Plaisance as Was Once Central Venice Beach

A look back at Venice Beach in its heyday

Our Private Tour Now Drives on the Grand Lagoon

The Midway Plaisance shown in this vintage photograph was Abbot Kinney‘s idea of a resting place in an area of high activity around the Venice Pier.  Sit down, enjoy some food and the fine weather, grab a gondola to navigate all the beautiful canals that crisscrossed the newly minted community on the sea just a half-day’s drive from downtown Los Angeles and almost that long a ride from Hollywood and Beverly Hills. There were street cars to help make the journey and bring the beleaguered population out to enjoy a day at the sea, to swim in the ocean, play in the sand, eat in the restaurants, frolic in the dance halls and enjoy the extravagance of Kinney’s concept of an American Venice, a retreat on the bay.  Those were the days of numerous carnival piers and all sorts of recreation away from the growing city.  Today we drive the large roundabout in central Venice with our custom tour guests enjoying a private luxury sightseeing excursion through Los Angeles and describe what is seen in this photograph that at one time occupied the asphalt circle we are circumnavigating.  There remain a number of the old canals in a part of Venice for us to walk and explore and there are other signs of the once great playground that continues to attract beach lovers, body builders, skateboarders and street entertainers as well as many of our tour guests who are curious about Los Angeles of yore.

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