Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 4 December 2015

The California Drought Hits Hollywood

A look at the low level of Lake Hollywood from the Hollywood Sign

Our Private Tour Guests See the Drought

and Help Out

Southern California has a dry climate under the best of conditions.  In Los Angeles we receive on average only 15 inches of rain every year.  Not many rainy days around here.  In fact, we get much of our rain at night.  Anyone paying attention to weather news knows that California has been experiencing a monumental drought over the past four years that has significantly lowered the water levels in our reservoirs and underground aquifers.  Water agencies have been mandated to reduce consumption by any means necessary.  Californians are not unaquainted with water conservation.  It’s taught to us early and often (favorite t-shirt slogans include “Save Water, Shower with a Friend” and “If It’s Yellow Let It Mellow, When It’s Brown Flush it Down”) .  We shorten our showers, skip flushes, replace faucet and shower heads, reduce the number of car washings, limit our lawn and yard irrigation and many other small but significant adaptations to reduce the scope of the problem as much as possible.  We do this willingly and with the understanding that while the global climate is slowly changing local weather is cyclical.  The drought will eventually end (maybe this winter with a Super El Niño on the way).  In the meantime we answer eager and curious private Los Angeles tour guests’ questions about the issues and difficulties of living in a Mediterranean climate.  We let them understand why water is not automatically provided in restaurants and that they should decline the water if they do not anticipate drinking it.  When they see the low level of water behind the Mulholland Dam on Lake Hollywood the point is driven home.

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