Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 8 December 2015

Are You Ready for Hollywood?

Private tour of Hollywood pose beneath the Hollywood Sign

See the Sights with Your Sunglasses on

a Private VIP Tour

No big noisy crowds.  No dirty vehicle.  No unkempt guide new to Los Angeles and working from a script. No need to remember your camera. No restrictions on your tour route or itinerary.  It is unnecessary to arrange any transportation to or from your tour. Dining, drinking, restroom stops whenever you want.  A private luxury tour of Hollywood treats you like the star you are traveling with a knowledgeable guide who is also your private photographer.  Expect to have an album of great photographs available right away so you can immediately begin sharing your experience with friends, family and colleagues.  You will know so much about Los Angeles and its geography, climate, politics and economy you could teach a course.  If you love Hollywood culture then expect to know where to send holiday cards to your favorite stars in Beverly Hills and Bel Air.  Who knows, we might even see a familiar face because our guides know where to cross paths with the movie and television stars.  Aerial tours, hiking tours, bikes, skates, Segways…we can arrange for all sorts of adventures to go along with sightseeing.  Experience Los Angeles in an unforgettable way.  Just bring your ideas and we will make all the arrangements.

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