Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 28 December 2015

Sprint Car on Sunset Strip Grabs Eyes

The cars you see on Hollywood's Sunset Strip

Our Private Tour SUV Can’t Challenge the

Tiny Race Car

The car had a license plate so the State of California said it was safe to drive on our Hollywood streets.  Like everything strange and unusual along the Sunset Strip (and that’s a lot of things….every day) the little racer grabbed the attention of drivers and pedestrians alike as it tooled along the stretch of roadway connecting Hollywood proper with Beverly Hills.  With the electronic billboards, megabanners on the sides of buildings, flags flying from the lampposts and all the distractions of a busy commercial street (the busiest and most commercial in the world, perhaps?) the little midnight blue car was a center of attention.  A young man enjoying our private Los Angeles tour asked his parents if he could have one.  They in turn asked their tour guide where the dealer’s showroom was located.  With some research we could perhaps find the custom shop responsible for the little car though it is possibly constructed from a kit.  We wonder how it would do against Justin Bieber in a street race, one-on-one, a Lamborghini and this little thing?

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