Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 16 December 2015

A Los Angeles Private Tour to Star Wars Premiere

Hollywood Boulevard is ready for the Star Wars premiere

Star Wars Is Here for Our Private Tour

There are any number of reasons that our private Los Angeles tour guests find themselves visiting our grand city on the sea.  Business, special family occasions (weddings, graduations, anniversaries), and sometimes for very special events, for instance, the Oscars ceremony.  Some of our guests are here with tickets to television shows and as winners of contests.  But this week we had a family in town for the premiere of the new Star Wars film.  Their combination helicopter and ground tour Preparing for a VIP flying tour of Los Angelesgot them over the festivities as the final touches were being put on all the preparations that included closing Hollywood Boulevard in front of Disney’s El Capitan Theater where the film would be shown.  Now Hollywood is used to movie premieres and the Academy Awards is just across the street every year at the Dolby Theatre.  We can marshal our construction and traffic control forces in ways that boggle an event planner’s mind.  We love having our guests on VIP tours when any kind After our helicopter tour we returned to Hollywood to watch the Stars Wars premiere preparationsof special Hollywood event is happening so they can see the army of specialized workers and tech crews that make these events so newsworthy.  After flying over the scene we returned in our luxury SUV so our guests could watch up close.  We hope they had a good time at the premiere joining the multitude of Jedi enthusiasts and hopeful fans ready for another film journey to a galaxy far, far away.

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