Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 29 December 2015

A Kiss Is Still a Kiss, a Sign Is Just a Sign

Our private Los Angeles tour guest seems to kiss the Hollywood Sign

The Time for Photo Fun on a

Private Tour in Hollywood

Blue skies, green grass, it’s the rainy season in Southern California.  We Los Angelenos can even be seen in sweaters and long sleeves, it’s that chilly, daytime temperatures in the upper 60s.  We bring in the pets at night and close the windows.  But for our guests it is a most beautiful way to spend the holidays where the days are comfortable and the nights full of holiday lights and cheer.  This is a good time to take photographs, too, to use throughout the year.  Photos like this one where our private Los Angeles tour guest gives a big kiss to the Hollywood Sign.  The youngsters on our excursions get very imaginative up here near the sign (in fact, everywhere we take them the little hams).  The photo albums our guests receive of their journey with us will always be full of great digital memories that they can share any time with their friends, family and the public on Facebook.  We suggest considering a late afternoon tour (so you can sleep late) when the sun is setting and all the holiday decorations are lit.  City lights and public trees and displays are great but we can also cruise through Beverly Hills and Bel Air and see how the stars light up their homes.

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