Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 12 January 2016

Making of a Star

A new star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame as it is being constructed

Our Private Tour Guests Learn How to Make a Hollywood Star

Timing is everything and our private Los Angeles tour guides pride themselves on knowing where on the Hollywood Walk of Fame the next dedication ceremony will be.  For our luxury custom tours on the days before a ceremony we might stop by the location to watch the star under construction.  It is a delicate and exacting process but after 2,570 stars have been placed the Chamber of Commerce craftspeople have got it down to a science.  The latest celebrity to receive this honor was Steve Carrell whose new film, The Big Short, is out in theaters now.  His performance, once again, is Oscar worthy.  Our private tour guests interested in the history and significance of the Hollywood Walk of Fame can see the very first sidewalk tributes as well as the latest and any particular stars they wish to see and have a photograph taken.  We also pay attention to the memorial wreaths and tributes paid to those honored who have recently passed (Natalie Cole and Wayne Rogers) and enjoy taking our guests to see how Hollywood remembers its stars.

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