Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 14 January 2016

Looking Back at Endeavour’s Los Angeles Tour

Shuttle Endeavour flies over the Hollywood Sign

Our Private Tour of Los Angeles Sees

the Same Things – But Closer

Way back on September 21, 2012, the recently decommissioned Space Shuttle Endeavour made its way to a new home in Los Angeles.  A spectacular flyover of the city and surrounding areas Shuttle Endeavour Tours Los Angeles - downtownbrought multitudes outdoors and to their television sets to witness the specially outfitted Boeing 747 with the precious cargo fastened above and two fighter jets following in close formation.  The three aircraft flew “low and slow” above the Hollywood Sign, the Los Angeles Coliseum, downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) and Dodger Stadium in photos captured from an excellent NASA video of highlights of the special tour of Los Angeles celebrating the space vehicle’s arrival in Southern California.  Several weeks later Endeavour was slowly maneuvered along city streets Endeavour arrives above the Los Angeles Coliseumon a 3-day parade from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to a specially constructed hanger at the California Science Museum in Exposition Park just south of downtown near the University of Southern California (USC), the Sports Arena and Los Angeles Coliseum. This special tour for Endeavour is pretty much what our combination helicopter + ground tour of Los Angeles is like except that we fly even lower and slower and then drive back to the best destinations to visit in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, downtown and the beach communities.

Dodger Stadium is below Endeavour

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