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Pitching Your Project Powerfully™ Monday 9-13-10

Strategy Coaching™ Presents
Strategy for Actors & Filmmakers™

Pitching Your Project Powerfully™

Career Strategies for Entertainment Industry Professionals and Creative EntrepreneursEveryone in the entertainment business has to pitch. Whether you are a writer, director, producer, executive, agent, or even an actor, at some point you will need to effectively sell your project or your participation in a project.

So, have you ever wondered what makes a pitch great and saleable? What are the necessary elements? And how do you condense them into a short presentation that doesn’t feel like a “presentation”?

Strategy Coaching™ founder Shawn Tolleson has sold a feature pitch to Warner Bros., and pitched episodic television all the way to the network level– as an unknown, without a television track record, enrolling a well-known director, top-tier agency, showrunner, established production company, and television studio. Out of her collaboration with established directors and producers, she has developed this workshop to bridge the gap between the novice and the experienced professional by breaking down the elements of a successful pitch.  Often times on my private Hollywood Tours; conversation on this topic comes up, and I encourage visitors to attend events like this for some interesting insight.

During this workshop you will learn the key elements of effective entertainment pitching, including feature, episodic television, and webisode pitches. After breaking down the different types of pitches, you will participate in a workshop putting the different elements and tools to use.

6773 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Cost: $39.

To Register: Go to, click on “Strategy Coaching(TM) Programs”, then “Strategy for Actors & Filmmakers(TM)”.

For More Information: Visit, email, or call 323-387-3411.

Mon Sep 13 (7pm-10pm) – Registration starts at 6:45, so arrive early

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