Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 15 January 2016

Clear Los Angeles Skies Between Storms

A clear day in Los Angeles after recent storms

The Sun Comes Out for Our Private Aerial Tour

Not all of our private Los Angeles tour guests wish to enjoy our cities world renowned street and highway traffic.  We understand.  We do not always appreciate it either.  Sure, it’s good for learning a language or staying current with popular music or, while on a tour, telling many of the innumerable stories that we bring to our staff meetings about Los Angeles and Hollywood, history and gossip.  We even, as professional drivers in Los Angeles, know many shortcuts and detours to avoid traffic that also reveal many of the lesser known landmarks of the City of Angels.  But it is still always a slow and careful drive.  So it is a real treat to get airborne over the city in one of our luxury helicopters.  We can depart from our base heliport or arrange to meet the aircraft at one of several other nearby airports.  Even better – we can land and depart from a skyscaper helipad in downtown Los Angeles (DTLA).  After what we expect (and hope) will be regular storms this rainy season (our “green” season) the air is amazingly clear in the cooler winter temperatures providing us with extraordinary views of the local mountains in the background behind the city downtown (above) or even from the beach.  Our guests often choose just to have a helicopter tour with us making it so the only traffic we might experience is between their hotel and the helipad.

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