Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 21 January 2016

The Comedy Store Brings Wistful Smiles

A look back at a great photo from 1978 – Robin Williams at The Comedy Store

A Funny Los Angeles Tour Means Memories of Robin Williams

If we are not the capitol of funny here in Los Angeles, at least we have tour guides who know their way around a joke and funny story.  If our private Los Angeles tour guests want to be amused while sightseeing in Hollywood and Beverly Hills then we have the tour driving comedians to do it.  Our people also share a love of the history of comedy and its Los Angeles influences.  We pay particular attention for our passengers so inclined to the world famous comedy clubs all around the city.  One in particular is The Comedy Store right on the Sunset Strip in W. Hollywood.  An important historic denizen of Sammy and Mitzi Shore‘s (Pauly’s parents) comedy palace was Robin Williams.  His distinct comedy voice was tragically lost year and now memories of him here at the The Comedy Store are wistful.  But what do we do when we get too sad thinking about what used to be?  We tell a funny anecdote and focus on what comedians are present and dream of those to come.  Whatever happens, The Comedy Store will be a guiding light of humor and fun on any dark Los Angeles night.

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