Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 27 January 2016

Sunny Los Angeles – Bring Sunglasses

Remember to bring sunglasses when you visit Los Angeles

Our Private Tour Guests All Brought Their Sunglasses

And a good thing, too.  Sunny Southern California is not a Hollywood-created description but a real phenomenon.  There is sunshine here even in the midst of a desirably wet El Niño which thankfully is returning our lawns to green and filling our reservoirs and aquifers.  We even have snow once again sugaring the tops of our local mountains and the nearby ski facilities are all doing bustling business.  As you can see, most days out on a private Los Angeles tour our guests would be squinting against the low rays of a winter sun if not for sunglasses.  The weather is even warm enough for short sleeves for our hardier visitors (from the north).  The best part of a winter visit to Los Angeles are the clear skies.  Precipitation and cooler temperatures bring great visibility (for a coastal community).  On clear days you can easily see downtown Los Angeles from the Griffith Observatory, the Hollywood Hills and even the Santa Monica Mountains near the beach.  Catalina Island is often plainly in view.  Mt. Baldy in the San Gabriel Mountains will be snow-capped and easy to locate.  Besides seeing everything that is all around Los Angeles we like to show our guests important locations up close where we can take their pictures…with sunglasses on.

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