Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 29 January 2016

Snowy Los Angeles Mountains

A view from the top of Mt. Wilson with their webcam

Our Private Tour Guests More Interested in Surf than Snow

We drive up the Angeles Crest Highway to Mt. Wilson from time to time, generally in the summer.  For fans of astronomy and science there is a very active facility consisting of numerous telescopes and measuring devices on top of the mountain above Pasadena that are used to measure and observe the heavens.  During the summer the area is fully open to the public and many drive up to see what is going on and rub shoulders with scientists and astronomers.  Others hike up the mountain.  During the winter, though, it is a bit chilly and sometimes even icy and snowy.  As you can see from this frame-grab off of the Mt. Wilson webcam there is snow in the area from recent storms.  We all hope to see more as the winter progresses and El Niño drives more wet storms our way.  Once up there the views of the Los Angeles basin are spectacular.  An advantage we continually mention to visitors at this time of year is the clarity of the air and the distances we can see from high vantage points.  Mt. Wilson has been a science outpost since George Hale brought his telescope up there in 1904 because of the clear air and good weather.  We urge all our science nerds on a private Los Angeles tour with us to consider a trip up to the Mt. Wilson Observatory.  We can make arrangements for a private tour of the facility any time of the year.  It is a beautiful drive with numerous pullouts and vista points to enjoy along the way.  At this time of the year, if our guests wish, we can be up in the snow in the morning and then on the beach to watch the surfers in the afternoon.

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