LA Adventure Specialist - 4:08 16 September 2010

Elvis in Hollywood

During his time in the limelight, Elvis wore many professional hats. He was known, of course, for his various concerts, performances, and albums, but he also more than dabbled in film. To that end, Elvis made his film debut in 1956 with the musical “Love Me Tender.” Proving marketable, the majority of Elvis’s movies would be musical in nature. Many were also comedies, including some of the better known titles such as “Loving You” and “Blue Hawaii.”

Films such as “Jailhouse Rock” were more dramatic, but like tried and true Elvis movies, they had their musical interludes. During his parallel film career, Elvis took to the screen twice in non-musical roles. This was for the films “Flaming Star” and “Charro.” Film roles that Elvis was offered but ultimately declined included the male lead in “A Star is Born,” the lead in “West Side Story,” and the role that ultimately went to Jon Voight in “Midnight Cowboy.” Now when you take a Hollywood tour, you can see Elvis’s star with other greats on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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