Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 10 February 2016

Remembering O.J. on a Cloudy Day

Mezzaluna (formerly) – where Ron Goldman worked and Nicole and O.J. Simpson liked to eat

Curious Guests Join Us for Dark Side Tour to O.J. Simpson

We have been remembering the O.J. Simpson case throughout the years that we have been providing private tours of Los Angeles.  Visitors from all over the world have arrived with a morbid curiosity for the places associated with the gruesome murders of Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson by famed football player and movie star O.J. Simpson.  We generally try to keep our tours light and entertaining but as soon as a guest suggests an interest in this salacious crime, or any other noted horror tale of Los Angeles, we indulge them with a visit to the places whose names and connection to the crime they might know.  In Brentwood we take them by the site of the former restaurant Mezzaluna where Ron Goldman waited tables and Nicole Simpson ate dinner before they were both brutally murdered by Nicole’s husband, O.J.  We also drive along the road where O.J. once had a house (long ago replaced) where he lived with Kato Kaelin.  We also visit the condominium where the horrifying act was committed and where the “bloody glove” was found.  The trial court, Johnny Cochran’s office building and other homes and offices associated with the case can be visited, too, if our guests are so inclined.  With the new FX series: The People vs. O.J. Simpson – American Crime Story garnering critical praise and a huge viewership we expect to visiting O.J. related sites throughout Los Angeles more often than in the past as our guests come here primed to see in person what is depicted on the television series.

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