Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 25 February 2016

Gray Skies Are Going to Clear Up over Los Angeles

A cloudy day and a colorful Santa Monica Pier

Our Private Tour Guests Can Take Off Their Sunglasses

Cloudy skies over Los Angeles are a welcome sight in these days of our extended drought.  Despite an ocean full of water we in the City of Angels are responding to the deficit of drinking water by conserving any way we can.  When the skies darken and rain falls we rejoice.  We hope that our private Los Angeles tour guests do, too.  So far we sense they are sympathetic as they continue to join us to sightsee around downtown, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and the beaches when it does rain.  We provide umbrellas and know where to stop and explore so that even a drenching downpour does not bedevil us.  However, even El Niño created storms fly through Los Angeles pretty quickly.  In fact, so fast that we seldom have to cancel our luxury helicopter tours.  Beneath the clouds the skies are clear and we can dispense with having to wear sunglasses.  The advantage to that is we get better photographs of our guests enjoying their tour and it is easier to operate our camera.  Even our pilots like getting to fly without sunglasses from time to time.  The Santa Monica Pier with its oceanside Ferris Wheel and rollercoaster shine colorfully even in the winter gloom.  People still visit the pier and come to the beach despite the prospect of rain.  It is not cold and there is fun to be had in Los Angeles during a wet winter.


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