Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 9 March 2016

Movie Star Homes – Tour or Map

We think a private guided tour of Los Angeles is far better than a Movie Stars Homes map

Our Guests Say a Private L.A. Tour is Better than a Map

We feel these maps which are available all around Hollywood are wonderful souvenirs of a visit to Los Angeles.  They are even better if you spend a couple of hours with us taking you to see the best of the homes all around Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Bel Air.  We know which homes are most visible.  We can also customize the route to include the homes of your favorite celebrities.  The information we have is always current, too, which you cannot say for the maps.  Our private Los Angeles tour means you can tell us which homes you wish to see and we can take you there.  Besides celebrity homes there are the clubs, bars and restaurants patronized by the stars (thanks Celebrity HotSpots) that our guests always enjoy seeing and visiting.  Final resting places?  Yes, we know where the graves and crypts are located for our dearly departed movie stars and recording artists.  If our guests have trouble deciding which map or guidebook to purchase we can help there, too.  Plus, the map only has an address for each celebrity.  We have history, stories and gossip plus we do all the driving (do not forget we provide snacks, drinks and photography).

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