Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 1 March 2016

Los Angeles Neon

A close look from our rooftop helipad of a large Los Angeles neon sign

Our Private Tour Guests Says It Is Just Like in the Movies

Los Angeles is associated with showy signage not only right now (along Hollywood’s Sunset Strip in particular) but throughout its history.  When neon lights first came to Broadway in New York, Los Angeles was also embracing the nighttime rainbow displays for its buildings and businesses.  We have our own Broadway and miles of broad avenues lined with tall buildings whose roofs were the platforms for raising giant neon displays.  The Commodore Apartments (now a renovated example of high style urban living) in downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) is a highrise residential structure right beside our rooftop helipad.  While we await departure on a private Los Angeles tour in one of our luxury helicopters we have a good opportunity to examine the extent of the structure supporting the neon lined letters.  Just like those scenes in so many movies and television shows where dramatic action occurred on a roof beneath the buzzing and flickering advertisement and then the subsequent explosions, sparks and smoke as the special effects people got to work, this is what comes to mind as we observe the superstructure on the adjacent rooftop.  When our guests turn away from The Commodore Apartments the taller skyscrapers of downtown create an impressive wall of modern architecture into which we will soon fly.  After our flight we offer as a possible destination to our guests a visit to the Museum of Neon Art (MoNA) where all sorts of neon art and advertising, some from the earliest days of modern Los Angeles, can be seen and appreciated.

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