LA Adventure Specialist - 8:11 29 September 2010

Staying Relevant in Hollywood

It’s growingly increasingly common in the world of Hollywood that movie stars become wildly successful early on, and then their stars quickly fade. The stars featured during sightseeing tours Los Angeles just a few years ago often are the butt of jokes now or cautionary tales for the new wave of talent. To that end, staying power seems to be a relic of old Hollywood. But for moviegoers that are looking for established actors and actresses, don’t fear. There are a few people that have managed to stay in the limelight for decades. Of that select group, Richard Gere is one of the most famous.

Richard Gere first captured the collective heart of America with movies such as “An Officer and a Gentleman” and “Pretty Woman.” These Richard Gere movies helped kick off his career, but even he wasn’t aware that these films would only mark the beginning of his time in Hollywood. Proving relevant in the modern age of film as well, Gere gained equal notoriety for works such as “Runaway Bride” and “Chicago.”

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