Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 26 February 2016

Get Ready – It’s Oscars Time

Remember when Ellen Degeneres hosted the Oscars?

Remember When Ellen Degeneres Hosted the Oscars?

Our private Los Angeles tour guests are impressed with the preparations for the Academy Awards ceremony that will be hosted by the Dolby Theatre this Sunday night.  The streets around the theater are slowly and methodically being closed while workers, machinery and security personnel are everywhere to be seen.  In fact, it is a bit difficult for us to navigate to our favorite Hollywood landmarks at this time of year.  It is a problem and it is a joy because the whole world will be watching this weekend and we are a part of this Hollywood.  We are here all year long.  The Oscars have been here at the Dolby all of the years we have been providing custom tours around Hollywood so we, like the producers of the program, really know the ins and outs of what we do and show our guests everything they want to see plus more: red carpet, giant Oscar statues, really big signs and banners.  If they watch the Oscars on television they will recognize the area around the theater for the celebrity arrivals as well as the entrance to the theater and have a good understanding of the gauntlet of security and the logistics of getting everyone to the theater on time.  Chris Rock will be a terrific host as he was a number of years ago but we pulled this photo from our tour files just for fun.


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