Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 14 March 2016

Palm Trees in Beverly Hills

The palm trees lining a Beverly Hills residential street

Anyone on Our Private Tour Knows Right Where They Are

You do not have to remember The Beverly Hillbillies or even Beverly Hills 90210 to have this particular image emblazoned on your brain.  Years and years of movies and television have identified the uber city of Beverly Hills with columns of palm trees (a number of varieties) lining the streets.  Blue skies and well groomed landscapes add to the imagery of opulence and success that visitors enjoy seeing when they join us on a private Los Angeles tour.  We, of course, point out a number of familiar places known to most of our guests, certain houses and landmarks associated with celebrities or famous movies and television shows.  We introduce our luxury tour guests to the hierarchy of addresses (humorously referred to in Clueless): north of Sunset, above Wilshire and below Wilshire.  We drive everywhere in this tiny city and so can venture far up into the hills of Beverly to identify a particular star’s home that our guests are wishing to visit.  Ah, the beauty of a custom tour.  We go everywhere.

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