Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 30 March 2016

Paramount Pictures in Hollywood

A busy day at Paramount Pictures' Melrose Gate

Our Private Tour Guests Really Feel Like They Are in Hollywood

Of the major Hollywood studios only Paramount Pictures remains in Hollywood.  Others that began here or nearby have since moved and expanded, studios like Disney and Universal.  The Chaplin Studios remain but are now the Henson CompanySunset/Gower Studios and Raleigh Studios are a part of Hollywood and movie history but do not possess the historical gravitas of Paramount Pictures.  The main entrance to this grand filmmaking facility is the Melrose Gate though our private Los Angeles tour guides like to show their guests the less glamorous ways to get into and out of the studio.  When the tour stops here, as a custom tour might if our guests wish, we can point out the Marathon Gate, also a famous Hollywood landmark as seen in countless photographs of Hollywood but also, as always, used in movies and later television whenever the director thought the look appropriate for filming.  Our Star Trek fans love getting to this point of the tour to see where Star Trek was born (Desilu Studios) and continues to be made (coming this summer, Star Trek: Beyond).  Our guests learn about RKO studios and Famous Players and the creative people who started Hollywood and led ultimately to this grand studio facility.  We talk about the former restaurant, Nickodell, once a part of the studio and Lucy’s El Adobe still going strong right across the street after more than 50 years.  Finally, there is Hollywood Forever cemetery just behind the studio’s back wall where some of the most famous names in the movie world are buried.  We can drive or walk through this old graveyard and talk about the resident population as well as a popular summer feature of the memorial park, movies shown against the wall of the mausoleum beside the Fairbanks monument.  Not creepy at all watching a movie into the night surrounded by gravemarkers.

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