Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 31 March 2016

When the 405 Was Empty

Looking back to when the 405 in Los Angeles had no traffic

Our Private Tour Guests Never Get to See This

Carmageddon – This wonderful word was coined back in 2011 when the 405 Freeway through West Los Angeles was shut down for construction of a new bridge crossing at Sunset Boulevard.  Warnings of possible traffic gridlock began six months before construction and increased in frequency and tenor as the shovel date approached.  Los Angelenos made arrangements to change their work schedules to accommodate different routes between home and office.  They scheduled vacations.  They arranged for additional yoga and Pilates classes in their neighborhood.  Life was doomed.  Or so everyone thought.  Nah, nothing bad happened at all.  Traffic flowed smoothly everywhere much as what happened during the 1984 Olympics.  We know how to deal with detours and road construction.  Happens all the time.  As you can see, just as the freeway reopened there was a shiny new bridge crossing for Sunset Boulevard just below the Angeleno Hotel where we were meeting our private Los Angeles tour guests that morning.  What a beautiful sight it was.  Not the shiny new bridge but the vast expanse of empty pavement on the highway…no traffic.

Funny, but the same thing happened the next year when the Mulholland Highway overcrossing was demolished just a few miles north of here.  Again, no problems.

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