Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 4 April 2016

Long Thin Malibu

Malibu seen from our private Los Angeles tour luxury helicopter

Our Private Tour Flies from Malibu to Hollywood

We keep our fleet of luxury helicopters busy throughout the year because the weather is so regularly perfect for a low and slow flight around Los Angeles.  Most of our private Los Angeles tour guests combine a helicopter tour with a ground tour.  That’s a very good idea because what you see from the air can really inform what we visit later in the car.  For instance, flying up the coast past Marina del Rey, Venice Beach to Santa Monica reveals well developed beach communities where Angelenos live and play.  From Santa Monica up through Malibu the Coastal Range looms above the beach so development is severely limited.  The City of Malibu has to stretch out along 21 miles of narrow coastline between the Santa Monica Bay and the mountains.  There are magnificent homes up along the mountain ridges and into the many canyons.  There are ranches and vineyards.  But the busy part of the city is along the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH to us; Route 1 to map readers).  From our helicopter we can really understand this geography.  In the photograph above we are rising up above the coast and preparing to turn inland back to Beverly Hills and Hollywood.  The Malibu Pier is visible and beyond that the Malibu Colony.  The views from our aircraft are always extraordinary and our luxury tour guests return home with a very full photo album from both their flight around the city and the street level pictures we take when we double back later in the SUV.

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