Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 11 April 2016

The Fog Comes to Hollywood

Our large private Los Angeles tour family watches the Hollywood Sign appear in the fog

The Hollywood Sign Magically Appears for Our Private Tour

Alright, we admit it.  Not every day is perfectly sunny in Los Angeles.  We have had a healthy smattering of rain this past “wet” season and now a bit of morning fog.  Hardly harsh winter or spring conditions.  Light jackets and thin sweaters will suffice on a private tour of Los Angeles even in the early morning before the fog dissipates on those few days when it is present this time of year.  Fog, or the Marine Layer as we budding meteorologists refer to it, is much more a part of our daily schedule as the deserts to our east heat up and draw the moist clouds that forms overnight over the ocean in to the city.  Sometimes the fog reaches as far as Mt. Lee and covers the Hollywood Sign.  Our experienced guides know the pattern well and time their custom excursions through historic and modern Hollywood and Beverly Hills so that when they do reach any of our special places to see and photograph the iconic symbol of Hollywood the sign will be visible.  So, yes, some days the great white billboard is just emerging from the blanketing cloud.  It’s almost creepy and very quiet.  Discussion of John Carpenter‘s chilling horror flick THE FOG might ensue.  But always there is sunshine somewhere nearby.  That’s Los Angeles.


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