Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 8 April 2016

Runyon Canyon Closed

An empty bench atop Runyon Canyon until the end of July

Our Private Tour Hikes in Hollywood to the Hollywood Sign

Because Los Angeles is bounded by steep mountains and hillside trails hiking is a favorite pastime and means of exercise for locals and visitors alike.  We love being able to offer guided hikes as part of our Los Angeles tour offerings.  We espouse good health and the happiness that comes from getting out of our luxury SUVs to really experience Los Angeles and what we get to do in this amazing city.  Two of our favorite hiking trails are right in Hollywood.  One is Runyon Canyon, a historic park rising up from near Hollywood Boulevard to behind the Hollywood Bowl.  For hikers and joggers there is an access road pathway as well as steep climbing footpaths to choose from to get from the bottom to the top (or vice versa).  Extraordinary views of Hollywood and the city extending all the way to bay are available from numerous points along the various trails.  Our hiking tour group at the Hollywood SignThere is also a lot of Los Angeles as well as Hollywood film history associated with the park and there are architectural ruins along the way that give our guides an opportunity to tell some very interesting stories.  However, sadly, the park is closed from now through July to allow some city water pipes and systems to be upgraded.  We are sorry that during this time we will be unable to enjoy the Runyon Canyon hikes we so love but when it comes to water we understand the need to keep everything flowing properly and the sacrifice of one springtime is not too great.  Plus….we still have the Hollywood Sign hike available for our guests.  Equally fun and interesting, although not nearly as strenuous, almost everyone on a private Los Angeles tour can make the walk from the eastern Hollywood neighborhood up the access road, past the old Batcave (Batman television series with Adam West and Burt Ward; also Invasion of the Body Snatchers cave) all the way to the top of Mt. Lee and right behind the Hollywood Sign.  A good walk with lots of great views and tales to tell along the way.






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