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El Capitan Theater in Hollywood Has Tours

A tour within a tour can be a visit to Disney's historic El Capitan Theater

A Tour within a Private Tour of Hollywood

When our guests get to Hollywood we extol the beauty and exhibition wonder of several of the historic movie palaces we will show them.  While we strongly urge them to make time to return after their private Los Angeles tour with us to see a movie presented in these great theaters sometimes that opportunity is not available for our new friends.  Fortunately,  Grauman’s Chinese Theater, the Egyptian Theater and the El Capitan Theater have guided tours available throughout the day (between showings of their films).  If our timing is right we can join one of these tours and visit inside these great theaters.  These theaters were all built in the very late 1920s as Hollywood became the capitol of filmdom…Tinseltown.  Sid Grauman was the showman/businessman behind the Chinese and Egyptian theaters.  Charles Toberman, the Father of Hollywood, was the prime mover behind the storied El Capitan.  Disney film lovers are thrilled to be able to see a presentation inside the theater known also for its beautiful waterfall curtain and giant Wurlitzer organ which rises up before the movie to provide joyful music to the audience as they find their seats.  During certain times of the year there are pre-screening shows full of singing and dancing Disney characters before every presentation.  The theater tour allows our guests to get a peek inside and learn more about the early days of Hollywood and this architectural wonder that is so much more than a black box with seats and a movie screen.  Does Disney premiere its movies here?  You bet they do (Star Wars: The Force Awakens).

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