Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 21 April 2016

No Swimming with the Fish in Beverly Hills

The wonderful koi pond that used to be in front of the Beverly Hills Hotel

Our Private Tour to the Koi Pond

The celebrated pond in the Will Rogers Memorial Park is full of large (fat?) koi.  Lots of them.  These gold and white bottom feeders live an opulent life in the center of Beverly Hills.  Located on Sunset Boulevard across from the Pink Palace (Beverly Hills Hotel) this is a wonderful stop for our private Los Angeles tour as we make our way from Hollywood into this famous city located completely within Los Angeles.  The park is a perfect place to stretch our legs, take photographs of the glorious pink building across the boulevard, and observe the natural wildlife of Beverly Hills.  We see all kinds of birds including escaped parrots and other exotic birds now living a feral life amid the lush and varied landscapes of the manicured gardens surrounding us.  The young folk with us are always fascinated by the giant goldfish, the koi, who live for 50 or more (sometimes many more) years.  We teach them that koi and goldfish have common carp ancestors but that koi were bred in Japan and goldfish in China.  We show them that little fleshy mustaches (called barbels) easily distinguish koi.  The park was once readily accessible from the hotel but as Sunset Boulevard became almost a major highway connecting downtown Los Angeles to the ocean getting there from the hotel involves a bit of walking and waiting to cross at the nearby intersections.  We like to drive here and park near the public restrooms which sometimes are pointed out as the location where singer George Michael was arrested for a public indiscretion.  For some of our guests that might be worth posing for a photograph for their tour album.

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