Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 1 June 2016

Private Tour Makes Traffic Just Another Sight

Yikes! Traffic on Hollywood Boulevard in the summer.

Our Private Tour Uses Traffic to Advantage

You would think that never encountering slow traffic would be a boon to us in the sightseeing business.  That is not really the case.  Slow traffic makes it much easier to drive our big SUV and at the same time point out interesting details of the area around us.  We then have more time to tell stories and convey interesting information about what our Los Angeles private tour guests are seeing.  We assiduously avoid freeways whenever possible and know the best city streets to get around our 500 square mile city when we do have to travel longer distances.  Sometimes, though, slow is better.  Along Hollywood Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard and Wilshire Boulevard there are homes, buildings and businesses worth talking about that if we are zipping along will only get a short mention before the next sight appears.  That is, unless our guests express an interest in a particular spot.  That’s when a private tour with no itinerary or proscribed route can just double back and even park to get a closer, longer look.  We can even leave the vehicle and walk around for a really close up look and take photographs.  Did Kim Kardashian just go into her store?  We better check that out.  Was that Ben Affleck out mowing his lawn?  OK, probably not, just a very handsome gardener wearing a cape and a mask.  It’s Los Angeles.  Nothing is strange.

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