Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 3 June 2016

Playboy Mansion – Back Door

The rear entrance to the Playboy Mansion in Holmby Hills

Even The Playboy Mansion Rear Entrance Impresses Our Private Tour

Driveways of the rich and famous make for a very interesting part of almost all of our Los Angeles private tours.  Wrought iron gates and carriageways, curving pavements through elaborate portals, sculpted hedges and well-tended flowerbeds are all a part of the ride through celebrity neighborhoods that we make with our guests.  While we suggest homes to visit that we believe will appeal to our particular guests almost all of them get excited when we mention the Playboy Mansion if they have not already requested it to their guides.  The Playboy Mansion, for sale since early this year, is a very impressive structure up on a hill as we usually approach it from Sunset Boulevard in Holmby Hills, one of the ritziest subdivisions of Los Angeles located between Beverly Hills and Bel-Air.  Driving around the property brings us to this back gate, the busiest gate around with near constant traffic into and out of the esteemedThis is a recent photograph of the Playboy Mansion from our helicopter tour over Los Angeles residence.  We see all sorts of unusual activities and always look forward to checking out goings on at the estate.  This visit to the home of Hugh Hefner and his bunny companions is even better when we have flown over the property on a 1-hour aerial tour in our luxury helicopter.  Our guests then have a good idea of Hugh’s neighbors and his proximity to the Los Angeles Country Club.  Not that Mr. Hefner is a golfer.  He has plenty to keep him occupied without ever having to go through one of his impressive gates.


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