Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 7 June 2016

Have Skateboard, Will Tour

We welcome skateboards aboard our private Hollywood tour...lots of good hills

Our Guest Brings His Own Wheels on a Private Tour of Hollywood

We put skateboards into our luxury SUV more often than skates but all wheels are welcome.  We have some gnarly hills in Hollywood and Beverly Hills for the young daredevils on our tours who want an incredible action picture to show their friends when they get home from their visit to Los Angeles.  A private sightseeing tour of Hollywood, Beverly Hills, even the Los Angeles beaches does not have to be dull and boring for young travelers.  Besides knowing where there are fun footpaths and trails, great snack shops and cool souvenir shops, we know where the young folks hang out and the young stars live and work.  No matter how young our guests we can stop at destinations and sights that will amuse and amaze them.  Who knows, maybe we’ll see Justin Bieber draining a milkshike at Mel’s Drive-in or Jennette McCurdy picking out the perfect purse at DASH.  Maybe everyone would like to ride the carousel at Griffith Park or the one at the Santa Monica Pier (where there are other amusements right above the ocean).  Surfing lessons, anyone?

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