LA Adventure Specialist - 10:54 13 October 2010

Richard Simmons & Slimmons in Beverly Hills

For 35 years Richard Simmons has been a household name in the fitness industry!

Clients on many of our private Los Angeles Tours are not aware of the fact that Richard still teaches classes at his original studio where it all started, Slimmons in Beverly Hills!

I have personally taken Richard’s classes and I enjoy them so much!  Before the class begins, I am always impressed with the energy that Richard brings into the room.  This guy walks through the door of Slimmons and greets everyone with hugs in the studio foyer like old friends reunited!  Many people take his class locally, but many also travel from far away for the experience.  Richard takes time for everyone and you can tell that he truly and genuinely cares.  I am always impressed about the fact that Richard is extremely humble and thankful for the blessings in his life.  His classes deliver a message of hope, motivation and encouragement that no one else can quite convey the same way!  Beyond that…….lots of sweating,  laughing, and smiling!

Richard Simmons is a true leader that has overcome many obstacles, transforming them into an impressive fitness legacy that has helped countless numbers of people whom struggle with  fitness!  Spend just a couple of minutes around him and you know that he is passionately driven about his mission!  Truly, one of a kind!

Get the schedule, and take a class!

Slimmons, 9306 Civic Center Dr Beverly Hills, CA 90210-3604                                           (310) 275-4663 or (310) – A SLIM ME


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