Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 27 June 2016

Art at a Hollywood Bus Stop

A series of intriguing sculptures appearing on our way to the Hollywood Sign

Art Becomes a Topic for Our Private Tour on the Way to the Hollywood Sign

If this particular oft-appearing art installation does anything it slows traffic on this busy Hollywood street and draws eyes away from the Hollywood Sign clearly visible from this point.  If we were discussing tales of movie making and the stars then suddenly we are talking about the wealth of public art in Los Angeles.  With the mild weather we have year round artists feel encouraged to bring their work outside to be enjoyed by pedestrians and other passersby.  Much of the art is permanent but some, like this, appears at the whim of its owner.  The drive up Beachwood Canyon to the most important destination for so many of our Los Angeles private tour guests is filled with “arty” points of interest be they sculptures, painted homes, tilework and mosaics, and home and building design.  We are more than happy to dawdle on the way up to the sign and direct our guests’ attention to these objects and places.  The Hollywood Sign is quite dramatic when we get close and redirecting the attention of our passengers with the art of Hollywood is a wonderful way to create a real surprise when we are suddenly right in front of the great sign.

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