Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 29 June 2016

Get to the Getty in Los Angeles

As beautiful outside as the art inside - the Getty Museum in Los Angeles

Our Private Tour Spends as Much Time Outside the Museum as Inside

The drive to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles is wondrous.  The Sepulveda Canyon is a dramatic landscape with the heavily trafficked Santa Monica Freeway (the “405” in local parlance) winding up between steep hillsides.  After we park there is the wonderful tram ride from the parking facility up to the museum itself.  And then – the view.  Los Angeles stretches out before us from the sea to the distant San Jacinto Mountains.  The white granite buildings all around us create a true sense of a campus, of multiple disciplines at work exhibiting, conserving and restoring artwork from around the world and throughout history.  To say it is breathtaking is not enough.  Sculpted gardens A part of the xeriscape garden at the Getty Museum in Los Angelesdemonstrate how lush and verdant foliage can be maintained in an area with so little rain and with irrigation a considerable issue for gardeners and landscape artists.  And yet walking the paths and admiring the structures is like being in an outdoor art installation.  Our Los Angeles private tour guests really love that we are essentially alone to enjoy and understand more of their surroundings.  Our guests point out sights in the distance to be identified and described by their guide with a chance perhaps to visit those places when we depart the museum.  By all means when you visit Los Angeles do get to the Getty.




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