Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 24 June 2016

Say’s That a Stink Bug?

A Say's Stink Bug grabs a ride with us in Beverly Hills

Our Private Tour Gets an Extra Passenger

We have bugs in Los Angeles.  Lots of bugs.  After a somewhat wet winter and with gardens looking lush around Beverly Hills it has been a great season for our insect friends.  Our desert conditions in general mean different kinds of bug populations than many of our private Los Angeles tour guests are used to.  Flying bugs are not as evident.  We have some rather large bugs though.  And pretty, too.  This Say’s Stink Bug stowed away on our trip through Beverly Hills recently and luckily picked a window near the boy on board to do its sightseeing.  The young guy was thoroughly intrigued with the large insect.  Not so much his sister.  His tour guide, not a biology major, however did know it to be a stink bug.  We have lots of varieties of those in Southern California.  Fortunately, we in the office have all the resources we needed to identify this little guy.  Do you ever wonder where Hollywood makeup artists and special effects designers get their ideas?

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