Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 5 July 2016

Fly High, Fly Low – A Los Angeles Helicopter Tour



Our ladies are ready for takeoff and a helicopter tour of Los Angeles

Private Helicopter Tour of Los Angeles Is An Adventure

We are not surprised when our guests are surprised to learn that a wonderful way to go sightseeing in Los Angeles is by helicopter.  It is a city.  A big city.  Most imagine exploring it as a matter of driving around.  Indeed, we do that and log thousands of miles every year traveling from downtown Los Angeles to Santa Monica and the beaches, from Hollywood to Culver City and the film studios, and quite a bit navigating the twisty hills of Beverly Hills and Bel Air to see all the fine celebrity homes and gardens.  But a truly remarkable way to really get the feel of our metropolis is to fly over and around it.  After all, the city encompasses 500 square miles and consists of a large number of distinct communities and neighborhoods.  From the air in our luxury helicopter the pilot can take us over landmarks everyone recognizes but The beach homes of Malibu seen from our helicopterfrom angles rarely seen.  We can hover over the Playboy Mansion and the La Brea Tar Pits and understand where they are in relation to everything else.  Then, at the beach, we can drop down and skim over the waves just offshore and look into the windows of the fabulous Malibu beach homes of the movie stars.  We can depart on our aerial tours from a number of nearby airports so that the drive from our guests’ hotel to the aircraft is not too long.  We can also make the flight even more memorable by taking off from the top of a downtown skyscraper.  Starting to move only a few feet above the roof we are suddenly hundreds of feet over the street and in a canyon of skyscrapers, eye to eye with office workers who probably wish they were flying with us.


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