Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 14 July 2016

Parking for Bijan on Rodeo Drive

Bijan has his own parking meter on Rodeo Drive

Where We Don’t Park on a Private Tour along Rodeo Drive

It is a special moment when we are driving down Rodeo Drive and see either the yellow Rolls Royce or the black and yellow Bugatti Veyron parked in front of Bijan, a very exclusive clothing store for men.  How exclusive?  The front window lists some of the royals, dignitaries, statesmen and celebrities that have been customers over almost forty years.  Kings, presidents, movie stars and sports all-stars, enough names to exhaust any reader staring at the window.  How special?  As you can see in this photograph there is a bright yellow parking meter where a Bijan-designed automobile will be parked.  When Bijan passed away five years ago the operation of his enterprise fell to his children and protégés who carry on the designer’s work with automobile companies and aircraft manufacturers as well as continue to produce clothing, accessories and scents for every discerning man and their equally discerning ladies.  The tradition of parking in front of the store continues and always impresses our guests on their Los Angeles private tour through Beverly Hills and the Golden Triangle.

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