Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 18 July 2016

Tim McGraw Was Here

Our private tour guests love Tim McGraw at his Walk of Fame star

Visit Your Favorite Star’s Star on a

Private Walk of Fame Tour

We always ask and are really pleased when a special request is made to visit certain stars on the landmark Hollywood Walk of Fame.  Stars like Tim McGraw whose star was dedicated almost 10 years ago.  We will even work with a list which we suggest when we are in touch with guests before we rendezvous with them for a luxury custom tour of Los Angeles.  Finding stars on the Walk of Fame can mean traveling along a couple of miles of sidewalk bordering Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street.  There are almost 2,600 stars at this time.  While we know well the stars of celebrities who are often sought from time to time we need to check in with the Hollywood Walk of Fame website to get the exact location of less familiar but still beloved movie stars, singers, television personalities, radio voices and other performers immortalized in pink and gold on the always popular walkway.  We think Mrs. McGraw, Faith Hill to everyone, should get a star near her husband.  There’s lots of room on the sidewalk.  With a hundred years of Hollywood and entertainment history represented the more the merrier and there can be terrazzo stars to pose with for every generation who visit Los Angeles.

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