Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 22 July 2016

The Beach Beckons in Los Angeles

A life guard station on the beach in Los Angeles

Where a Private Tour of Los Angeles Goes to Beat the Heat

There are sections of the Los Angeles beach lined with hotels where you would expect to find a crowd of visitors to Southern California.  However, most of the beach, even near the hotels, is filled every day by people from the city and surrounding area, particularly eastern parts of the basin, who head to the beach to get away from the summer heat.  When we arrive at the beach early on a private tour of Los Angeles, before heading out to Beverly Hills and Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles, the beach is already busy.  If we make the trip in reverse and arrive late in the morning or in the afternoon the beaches are crowded.  That doesn’t mean a visit is not fun.  We encourage our guests to bring along flip flops or sandals and other beachwear and towels so they can enjoy the sand and the surf as a part of their custom tour.  There is a lot we can describe about the beach as we walk along and examine the various beachfront neighborhoods.  We have Venice, Santa Monica and Malibu to explore on most of our beach encounters but are happy to drive south to see the beaches of Manhattan, Hermosa and Redondo.  There are surfers and sailors to watch, lifeguards aplenty, and all kinds of marine birds and mammals to observe.  How does any work get done on a summer day?

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