Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 26 July 2016

The Joy of Flying Over Los Angeles

The kids are ready to takeoff and see Los Angeles by helicopter

Their Private Tour Took Off Over Los Angeles

We have an exciting ground tour that is an adventure for our guests of all ages.  For our younger passengers there are wonderful parks to run, jump and climb in that make a private sightseeing tour more than riding around in a really nice car all day and looking at stuff.  There are costumed characters, film studios that specialize in kids’ movies and television shows, bubbling pools of liquid tar, extreme skate parks, sandy beaches, amusement rides…there is just about anything you can think of that will impress an energetic young person.  But the very best thing is a ride in a luxury helicopter.  From take off to landing the kids are fascinated with the whirlybird’s flight whether we are high up over the mountains with views from Catalina Island (where we can fly if we want as our aircraft are all twin-engine) to Malibu and the whole Los Angeles basin…or down low skimming along the Pacific Ocean where the porpoises, whales, seals and sea lions respond to us as we slow and hover above.  Mom and dad are interested in the celebrity homes lining the shore and the grand mansions built on the mountain slopes above the beach.  Combining both a private custom tour in our SUV with a long aerial tour over and around Los Angeles is as memorable an experience of L.A. as any amusement park…even Disneyland.

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