Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 28 July 2016

Finding Funny in Los Angeles

Stop in for a belly laugh or two at the Improv on Melrose

What’s So Funny About a Comedy Sightseeing Tour of Los Angeles

As funny as our guides can be, and they are quite amusing, each of them with performing backgrounds (it’s Hollywood after all), the professionals who inhabit the stage at The Improv and the other big comedy clubs are even funnier.  Way funnier.  Think of our Elite Adventure Tours guides as warmup acts on the way to the clubs.  We do club crawls in the evening for our private Los Angeles tour guests wanting a designated driver and comedy expert showing them the city and getting them safely and humorously between nightclubs with sightseeing along the way.  If a club crawl is something our guests would prefer to do on their own we can still take them around to all the clubs in the daytime so they know where to go in the evening.  Plus, we know the new and upcoming clubs, the farm teams for the majors, so they can catch the rising stars in their formative stages.

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