Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 1 August 2016

Ronald Reagan Lives Here

Entering the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

Our Los Angeles Tour Visits the Reagan Library

There are not too many libraries in the world, if any besides this one, that house an actual multi-engine jet plane as part of their displays.  It is a modified Boeing 707 and was familiarly known as Air Force One.  The aircraft, an armored limousine and bowls of Jelly Belly candies are a small part of this extensive facility just north of Los Angeles – The Welcome to the Reagan Library near Los AngelesRonald Reagan Presidential Library.  The permanent collection is all about the man, our 40th president, his wife, Nancy, and those turbulent times coinciding with the end of the Cold War and Glasnost.  Our older guests on a private Los Angeles tour that has ventured up to Simi Valley and the beautiful museum/library remember much of those times and enjoy revisiting the period through the lens of history.  Our younger guests are always impressed and leave knowing a little more about how we got where we are today.  This summer’s special exhibit features treasures from the Vatican collection and provides a glorious distraction from the expected focus on the Reagans.  This is one of our favorite “museum” stops that we can include on any private custom tour we do depending on the interests of our guests.  If you have always wanted to walk through an airplane in a library then let us take you up to the Reagan library.

Ronald Reagan's Air Force One 707

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