LA Adventure Specialist - 1:07 15 October 2010

BodyFactory Hollywood – Smoothies, Tanning, Shopping…..Oh My!

One of the exclusive gems in Hollywood that may not be on your radar is a place called BodyFactory Hollywood!

Specializing in low carb, low sugar & high protein smoothies, vitamins & world famous skin care,  BodyFactory is a hip and healthy social environment unlike any other in town!  On our private Hollywood tours, our clients are always wanting to know how their  favorite stars going about their daily lives and where they are hanging out?  Our clients are never less than impressed when we turn them on to BodyFactory, and have been known to make several visits there on one trip!

At their newest location they are featuring state of the art tanning that is actually the healthiest for you!

Check out this video of my visit and chat with Creator and Owner, Robert Green!

The celebrity client list at The Body Factory  is extensive because they have everything to make them look and feel great.  If feeling fun, fresh and fantastic is what you are all about-you must put BodyFactory Hollywood into your itinerary!

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