Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 12 August 2016

Slow Day for Superman

Superman seems distracted on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Some Superheroes Need a Private Tour Fix

Superman can be found regularly along the very popular Walk of Fame in Hollywood having flown in to preserve truth, justice and the American Way.  Sometimes the crowds of visitors searching the well known sidewalk seem indifferent to his presence.  They just take for granted that they will have a good time identifying the celebrities immortalized in the wide walkway that extends almost 20 blocks in both directions along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street.  They do not have to be concerned about any bad guys or evildoers because of Superman’s good work.  On days when the curious throngs ignore the Man of Steel he might be amusing himself with his X-ray vision or just compressing paperclips into tiny ballbearings.  Our tour guides will often seek him out with our private Los Angeles tour guests who are still talking about his latest movie, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (with Henry Cavill in the red cape and Ben Affleck in the black one).  If we are really lucky we might find Batman in the same area (maybe equally distracted) and get them both to pose with us for a photograph to go in our guests’ tour photo collection that we provide after their tour.

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