Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 15 August 2016

Pokémon Go Gone to Hollywood

We found Pikachu on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood

Pikachu Meets Our Private Tour Friends in Hollywood

You don’t always need an app to find a Pokémon character when you get to Hollywood on a private tour of Los Angeles.  These days you are likely to find any number of Pokémon species wandering up and down the most famous sidewalk in the world, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and posing for photographs with visitors.  Of course, you are also likely to see Pokémon hunters staring at their mobile devices as they search the Hollywood landmarks while playing Pokémon Go.  While we have not yet had a tour request specifically for a game of PG we are expecting a custom tour along those lines to happen before summer is over.  Hollywood is a great place to look for the virtual creatures that first appeared on Earth 20 years ago in the form of a Nintendo video game.  After countless books, television shows, videos and further evolved games on other platforms it is now Pokémon Go that is taking over the public’s imagination and putting overly focused pedestrians at risk.  If you are a player then we suggest, for your own safety, that you play the game on a custom luxury tour of Los Angeles with us and then we can keep you from stepping in front of traffic or falling over a railing.

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