Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 17 August 2016

Yellow Goop Threatens Hollywood Sign

Goop threatens Hollywood Sign

This Private Tour Was All About the Goop

Three young lads and a bucket full of slimy yellow goop made their way in our luxury SUV all around Los Angeles including this stop up by the famed Hollywood Sign.  The boys insisted on posing for photographs with oozing slime dribbling from their hands.  They even wanted us to use the photos in one of our Los Angeles private tour blog postings.  Yellow goop and the Hollywood SignWe never want to disappoint our guests so, boys, here it is.  The boys learned about the Hollywoodland Sign and its origin as a giant billboard for the housing development just below dating back to the early 1920s.  The boys learned about our Mediterranean climate and chaparral ecosystem and how little rainfall falls in our beautiful city with the big blue ocean clearly visible nearby.  They learned about the charming Lake Hollywood just below that once provided drinking water to the growing neighborhood and which today is maintained more for emergency useMore yellow goop and the Hollywood Sign.  They learned about coyotes and rattlesnakes present all around them as we explored the Hollywood Hills.  They learned about Castillo del Lago (Castle of the Lake), the giant estate right by the Hollywood Sign once owned by gangster Bugsy Siegel and later by Madonna.  What did we learn with the boys?  Their goop is pretty much the same as the goop of our childhood.  Boys love goop.


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