Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 26 August 2016

Shopping for School in Los Angeles

Fun and elegant shopping at Fred Segal in W. Hollywood

Our Private Tour Helps Family Prepare for School

We do not offer Back to School Specials or anything like that but towards the end of the summer we do have lots of families coming to Los Angeles with their recently matriculated teenagers ready to start at any number of our well known colleges and universities.  We think of our Los Angeles private tour as an orientation day for the new students.  In fact, the late summer tours we do are often an extension of tours we did the previous year when high school seniors and their families were visiting here to inspect potential campuses for study.  Now, though, that school is about to start we are looking more at neighborhoods and getting some pre-school shopping done.  Here we are on a sightseeing adventure with a new UCLA student and her mother about to enter the lovely environs of Fred Segal.  First will be lunch at Mauro, the divine café in the store.  Look at the familiar faces many with their offspring also preparing to begin a new school year.  Jeans, tops and accessories all bagged and stowed in our SUV we can explore some more of Melrose Avenue‘s Welcome to UCLAfamous storefronts offering chic nightclub wear to t-shirts and shorts.  Melrose offers everything and is truly a Mile of Style.  Then we can head over to Westwood for some serious street-by-street looks at the various neighborhoods and show our young student where everything is that she will need to know right away.  We envy her good times ahead but traffic and tales of the city keep us focused on this orientation tour.


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