Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 15 September 2016

Seeing Stars in Hollywood

Could that really be Samuel L. Jackson heading to the Hard Rock Café in Hollywood?

Our Private Tour on a Star Search

No matter who is with us on a private tour of Los Angeles, no matter how far they have traveled to get here, if they arrived on a private jet or drove to the city, or even their generation and experience, it seems that our most common request is that they want to see a movie star and where can we go to make that happen.  Ah, the world remains starstruck and Hollywood is their Mecca, their Shangri-la.  After all our years in business there are, in fact, ways we can increase the chances of crossing paths with a celebrity.  Say, Samuel L. Jackson, right?  Just walking alone down Hollywood Boulevard and heading to the Hard Rock Café.  Fooled you, didn’t we?  That’s just a celebrity lookalike (striking resemblance) plying his trade on the Walk of Fame and being available for visitors to stop and take their picture with him.  There are many such actors along this strip of roadway.  Now if that doesn’t count, and we agree it doesn’t count even though you can fool a lot of friends and family back home with pictures of these folks, we do know restaurants and stores to go to, hotel lobbies, automobile dealerships, and even parks and neighborhoods where there is a good chance a familiar face will be out and about doing their business, strolling, watering the lawn, eating lunch, or simply buying a Bugatti.  The advantage of a custom tour is that we can take you where the stars might be out.

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