Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 21 September 2016

Jazz Hands, Rock and Country, Too

Handprints of musical artists greet visitors to the Hollywood Guitar Center

The Rockwalk ROCKS Says Our Private Tour Folks

There was a time when the Rockwalk, a cement portico at the entrance of Hollywood’s Guitar Center on Sunset Boulevard, was a true tourist draw.  Induction ceremonies were pretty regular and well attended by local rock stations and music industry people.  There were crowds like there were for Tim Burton at Grauman’s Chinese Theater recently when he embedded his hands and feet in movie’s famous floor show.  As you can see above the Rockwalk is tidy and leads you right into the store where there are other treats for music lovers to enjoy when visiting Los Angeles.  When we have a private tour in Los Angeles and sense our guests still adore their childhood music heroes we will often make the Guitar Center a destination as we explore Hollywood.  Everyone expects to see the Grauman’s theater courtyard but the Rockwalk is a real surprise and treat.  Of course, the musicians with us will want to spend time in the store and brush shoulders with other musicians.  We never know who we might run into as long as we aren’t there in the morning.

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